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Besides our more traditional salvor services, Callan Salvage also offers a variety of consulting services. As loss prevention experts, we can advise your risk management team on what actions or procedures will help you minimize loss before, during and after a crisis.

When a crisis strikes, we can provide timely and valuable input on proceeding. You rely on your accountant and attorney for expert advice and integrity in their respective fields — let us give you the benefit of our ability to expertly handle various crisis and loss situations. Think of us as your crisis experts — skilled, professional and reputable.

Salvage Services for Any Situation
Callan Salvage and Appraisal offers a comprehensive set of services designed to meet your every salvage need, from initial damage assessments to final liquidation of the salvaged stock. With more than 4 decades of salvage experience across a wide variety of sites and situations, CSA is fully equipped to help both insurer and insured recover from even catastrophic losses.

Our broad service areas include:

  • Site Stabilization
  • Transportation & Warehousing
  • Inventory Services
  • Appraisal Services
  • Salvage Disposition
  • Litigation Support
  • Consulting

We perform our services using what we call THE TEAM APPROACH. We effectively and efficiently execute our services in the below seven steps:

  1. Communication
  2. Site Stabilization
  3. Inventory Services
  4. Appraisal Services and Data Evaluation
  5. Salvage Disposition
  6. Final Reporting and Extensive Documentation
  7. Litigation Support

We invite you to click on the individual topics listed above or read below for more thorough descriptions of the services we offer. If you have any questions or wish to inquire about additional services, please contact us.

Salvage is a complex process, usually involving a number of parties and a range of logistical, legal, regulatory, procedural and fiscal issues. Every loss situation is unique, requiring a specific combination of contractors and consultants: the risk manager, adjuster, salvor, accountant, attorney, restoration companies, etc. That’s why Callan Salvage treats the salvage process as a team effort. Within that effort, every member of the salvage team has to not only take responsibility for their individual piece of the project but also understand the role played by the others. Unless the entire team achieves that kind of effective synergy, the recovery — and ultimately the client — suffers as a result. CSA takes our team approach seriously. In fact, it impacts all of our services, large and small. Although it requires discipline and effort, we’ve also seen firsthand how it benefits our clients by improving efficiency, minimizing waste and maximizing the value of the salvage process.

The benefits of the team approach also extends to Callan Salvage’s internal mechanisms. Our employees enjoy congenial working relationships based on our team approach with multiple sources of responsibility to help create a shared sense of commitment to not simply fulfilling, but exceeding, customer expectations. Our internal team approach also insures our clients that their business will be handled efficiently, professionally and ethically.

1. Communication is Key
Effective teamwork depends on effective communication. Even the initial contact between the salvor and risk management personnel, insurer and loss-site personnel can dramatically affect the success of both the salvage situation and any insurance claim resolution.

Our detailed procedures ensure the clear, complete and timely sharing of all necessary information between the appropriate parties, helping minimize delays and eliminate confusion. Our communication with you is equally important, and is something on which Callan Salvage places a premium.

2. Site Stabilization
It is often critically important to act quickly following a loss event to minimize additional damage and improve the chances of a larger recovery. Callan Salvage works closely with your risk management personnel and on-site representatives to speedily assess the situation and create a cost-effective plan for stabilizing the site and protecting your equipment, merchandise or commodities.

Our services can include the coordination of restoring power or providing temporary temperature control, making a general initial clean-up of the site to improve access and safety, removing excess water and non-hazardous debris, and making temporary building repairs to secure the contents. We also have extensive experience working with various government agencies to facilitate stabilization of the loss situation.

Transportation and Warehousing
If the site is severely damaged, it may be advisable to remove the stock to another location to be securely inventoried and salvaged. Based on the size of the loss, the risk of spoilage, the fragility and value of the items involved, and other factors, Callan Salvage will help you choose the most economically feasible solution for transporting and storing the stock.

Like all of our services, our stock removal, transportation and warehousing solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs on a case-by-case basis.

3. Inventory Services
Virtually every insurance policy requires some sort of inventory following a damage or loss claim. Conducting a thorough, accurate inventory is often one of the most challenging parts of the entire salvage process, sometimes involving not only the salvor and the affected company but also insurance adjusters, auditors and CPAs.

Callan Salvage’s first step in making an inventory is to first prepare the stock by separating it into lots following a thorough walk-through of the site and discussion with on-site personnel. These individual lots may represent different types of merchandise, different mark-ups, different areas of the site or simply different degrees of damage. If you suspect contamination of apparently non-damaged stock, we can even arrange for product testing.

Regardless of the specific segregation methodology, all stock items must be accounted for and the degree of damage they suffered, if any, documented. Subsequent inventory verification and valuation is also critical. Not only is the quantity of damaged merchandise relevant, but also the valuation and supporting documentation is very pertinent. If needed, we are capable of obtaining and verifying these values of the damaged merchandise.

In many loss situations, some merchandise is either missing or unrecognizable — destroyed by fire, washed away by flood, or stolen during or after the loss, for example. This “out-of-site” merchandise must also be accounted for by either 1) a close inspection of the site and interviews with employees, or 2) a formal audit conducted by the salvor or, in some cases, a CPA.

Callan Salvage’s extensive experience is invaluable in preparing stock for inventory, conducting the actual inventory or working with a third-party auditor to reconstruct an accurate account of the site’s contents prior to the loss event.

4. Appraisal Services and Data Evaluation
Once the stock has been accurately inventoried and verified, Callan Salvage can evaluate the data and make accurate appraisals of not only the loss and damage the stock has incurred but also the value of the salvaged items. As with conducting inventories, there are multiple methods of determining, documenting and justifying the value of the loss. We’ll work closely with you to find the one best suited to your specific situation.

To determine the value of the salvaged stock, we’ll take into account several key factors, including the type and degree of damage and whether the affected stock comprises of raw materials, work in progress or finished goods. Based on our experience and research, we’ll also estimate the market for that specific type of stock.

5. Salvage Disposition
Developing and executing the best disposition strategy for your particular stock is essential to maximizing your recovery. That’s why Callan Salvage will thoroughly weigh all potential benefits — and risks — before recommending a course of action.

Generally, CSA will either dispose of the salvage through methods and markets designed to bring in the best return possible or arrange for the insured to keep the salvage for a percentage of damage. Our disposition may involve negotiating a quick sale to a specific salvage buyer, arranging for a sealed bid process among numerous potential buyers or a combination of both. As always, CSA will use our experience and industry knowledge to determine which disposition path suits your situation best.

We can also evaluate the requirements of applicable brand and label agreements and adjust salvage disposition accordingly. That might include black-lining, label cutting or removal, salvage stamping or even the supervised destruction of the stock. The salvaged stock may also be repackaged or re-boxed to further protect branding. If geographical restrictions apply, we can arrange for sale outside of a specific area or region — even outside the country as we have an extensive worldwide buyer network.

6. Final Reporting and Extensive Documentation
Following any salvage project, Callan Salvage provides you with a comprehensive final report detailing and explaining the entire operation, from initial inspection to inventory of the stock to final disposition of the salvage. The report also contains supporting material, including photographs, in order to present an accurate and thorough document of record of the loss event and its aftermath.

That kind of thorough documentation of every facet of the salvage operation can be invaluable should you become embroiled in subsequent legal or insurance disputes concerning the incident.

7. Litigation Support
Callan Salvage’s comprehensive final reports are designed to provide you with a highly detailed record of the salvage operation, including damage assessments, inventory verification, salvage appraisals and photographs, if needed. That’s not just an empty formality — we see it as an integral part of the protection we offer our clients.

Litigation is often a real, if often less than desirable, possibility where loss is concerned. Lawsuits can be brought to bear by the insured, the insurer, vendor, supplier or buyer — in fact, virtually anyone can file suit if they have a notion to do so.

Subrogation is often also an integral aspect of a claim settlement. If the damage amount exceeds the property deductible, the property insurer pays the loss and then subrogates against a liable third party that could be ultimately responsible for payment.

In either case, you may be required to provide relevant documentation and/or testimony. By giving you full and accurate record of every aspect of the loss event and subsequent salvage operation, CSA will help equip you to safeguard your interests in any legal action.

Because of our extensive experience and industry knowledge, Callan Salvage can also act as an expert witness to help resolve claims or verify data.

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